Earn Coins Securing Your Forever Memories Online

Block-chain and crypto-currency have seen massive product growth over the past year. Enterprises ranging from supply-chain management to multi-jurisdiction financing have found new and powerful uses for these futuristic concepts.

The LoveChain approaches the immutable nature of cryptographically-secure content a little differently. It reimagines the blockchain as a hypermedia scrapbook, a lovingly-assembled and permanent record of the most important loves in our lives.

To that end, their blockchain allows users to enjoy the ease-of-use associated with traditional social media platforms, but without any fear of losing one’s account and one’s precious memories.

Permanent immutability is just one of the benefits that users accrue while posting about the people, places and things that they love. Much like the Bitcoin blockchain, The LoveChain includes a complete, tokenized economic ecosystem. 

For every memory that users record on The LoveChain, they receive payment, from the chain, in the form of reward tokens. These tokens, once collected, can be used to make purchases with, or acquire discounts from, the multiple different large-chain and boutique vendors who have partnered with the service.

Participation in the social milieu of love chain, just as one would naturally participate in the various discussions on Twitter and Facebook, allows users to accrue more tokens, thereby building out new partnership opportunities, with guaranteed customers, for the love chain’s promoters.

The LoveChain was founded by developer Omar Diab in 2019, and can be found online at http://www.thelovechain.io. It’s an interesting concept, one that ties the ancient “forever” nature of true love with the modern “forever” publishing model of the blockchain.

By ensuring that lovers’ posts remain online, and in their control, The LoveChain offers a valuable alternative to unregulated social publishing platforms that can delete one’s profiles and memories at a whim. 

The LoveChain