Eachday.com – Organize & Memorialize Your Life

Eachday.comEachday is a new multimedia-sharing tool that allows you to create personal snapshots of your life by organizing your blogs, video, photos and profiles. Best of all, Eachday has automatic tools that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

For example, they will auto-format your photos by auto-detecting the date from your digital camera as well as your cell phone. They use drop-and-drag services to arrange your photo albums for you, as well as tag services to makes for better organization of your files and easier search capabilities. They have a calendar for each user profile that lets viewers see exactly where to find content for a particular day, as well as a slick timeline device. Finally, content can be shared and commented upon.

Eachday.com In Their Own Words

Preserve and share all your memories, not just photos, in a way that is more meaningful than typical album, blog, or social sites.

Eachday does things that other services don’t, like looking at the date your photos were taken and automatically putting them on the days they belong. Visualize everything with Eachday’s unique Memory Stream. Organize beyond days with automated tag-based Collections, and much more. These are your memories; they deserve better.

Why Eachday.com It Might Be A Killer

This site makes a good point: what are you going to do with all those random photo albums you have? Or those videos and blogs. How can you collect and arrange all these memories in a meaningful and simple way? Eachday is a service to help organize and memorialize your life, and create lasting memories for years to come.

Some Questions About Eachday.com

When browsing through the public profiles, it was slow and unwieldy. There has got to be a way to increase the browser time or people won’t enjoy this site. Also, how are they marketing this site, as there were not many members – at least public members to see? Eachday.com