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e-Tutor.com/et2/graphingIs your graphing calculator out of batteries? Or would you like to see your graphs on a big screen? The graphing calculator tool at e-Tutor.com is a useful tool for students studying mathematics.

The graphing calculator interface is very clear and the instructions are clearly stated. Type in the equation you wish to graph then press click and your graph will appear. You can place the mouse on points on the graph to see the x and y coordinates. There are some example equations at the bottom of the homepage that you can click on to see the graph. Visualize your graphs by using the graphing calculator tools at e-Tutor.com.

e-Tutor.com/et2/graphing In Their Own Words

“Type one or more equations into the box above and click the Graph button. Separate multiple equations with semicolons.
Click and drag in the graph to move the view around.”

Why e-Tutor.com/et2/graphing It Might Be A Killer

The graphing calculator tool at e-Tutor.com is very useful. The interface is very clean and clear so you can easily concentrate on your work. You can enter any equation you like so doing your homework is easy. The sample equations are a great way to give users an idea of what they can do. The zoom function is also very useful to get a better look at your graph.

Some Questions About e-Tutor.com/et2/graphing

It would be nice if users could save their graphs in a folder so they can search for them later to print out or send to friends. E-Tutor.com has many options for tutoring and advice but it would be great to have some math guides featured on the graphing calculator page. e-Tutor.com/et2/graphing