Meet The Next Evolutionary Step In The On-Demand Ride Industry: E-Fleet

Interested in becoming a driver for UBER or LYFT but not in possession of a car? Lacking wheels is no longer an obstacle to participating in the booming ride-hail economy, thanks to E-Fleet.


E-Fleet supplies electric vehicles to qualified drivers on short-term FAIRSHARE™ split leases, so that they can drive with neither long-term obligations nor the burdens of car ownership.


E-fleet landing


The unique arrangement represents a win-win proposition for all involved. LYFT and UBER gain the drivers that they need, and the people who would like to drive but don’t because of a variety of limitations (e.g. a vehicle that doesn’t qualify, too small profit margins, student loans) are put behind the wheel of a brand new electric vehicle.


E-Fleet’s focus on airline passenger pick up cleverly sustains the system. E-Fleet cars are located only at major airports in or near UBER FICO zones. This positioning eliminates excess fuel costs and gives drivers quick access to many potential fares.


“Our mission,” said Co-Founder Ethan Zee, a former Merrill Lynch executive, “is to create an easy way for people to maximize their income while leveling the overall playing field of the on-demand economy.”


In addition to strategic placement at airports, flexible scheduling, zero maintenance and parking costs, no car or lease and insurance payments further boost profits for drivers. Charged only 50% for the UBER or LYFT mileage incurred, E-Fleet is simply the most cost-effective solution for drivers.


The use of electric vehicles eliminates the income instability caused by fluctuating fuel costs, not to mention, outfits drivers in one of some 300 safe, reliable vehicles that emit zero pollution – all of which UBER and LYFT customers will appreciate. The car options and profit-maximizing model also make E-Fleet an attractive upgrade for drivers who already work for on-demand services using their own cars.


Said Zee, “When you look at the alternative, that is, traditional car ownership, it sort of becomes a no brainer. With, there’s no more monthly car and car insurance payments, no more maintenance costs, no more paying for a car even when you’re not driving it. You name it. Not only is this a cost-effective solution to owning your own car, but E-Fleet’s cars actually work for you, making you money in the process.”


E-Fleet recently launched a Fundable campaign to finance putting its fleet of vehicles on the road. Mark Hagen, Investor Representative at E-Fleet, encourages those interested in learning more about reward perks and the company to visit their crowdfunding campaign here:


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