Dynamic Clothing Line, New Vibe, Puts A Hybrid Twist On Contemporary Women’s Fashion

In case this is your first contact with the startup world after a 50-year sleep, innovation and multi-tasking are in style.


Literally. New Vibe is a signature line of wearable urban hybrids, dubbed TACTstyles, that offer women several looks for the price of one. It’s the only line of clothing that adapts to the modern woman’s lifestyle: work, play and leisure, all in a single outfit.


Each article of clothing is designed for comfort and versatility, style and utility. A reversible jacket/tunic allows for an effortless transition between a morning walk, business lunch (the sleeves detach), and night on the town.




Similarly, a halter top doubles as arm-wear or a scarf. A multifunctional dress with removable sleeves transforms into a top and skirt. And multipurpose arm-wear can also serve as a sash or scarf.


New Vibe garments are the creation of designer Liliya Treyger, who has spent 18 years designing for iconic companies such as Kay Unger, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, LOFT, Lilla P and Banana Republic, among others. This is the her first line that she has introduced to contemporary women’s fashion.


Inspired by the visual and performing arts, textile and technological innovations, architecture, music and travel, New Vibe clothing is meant to reflect the reality of modern life. Each piece is tactile, transformable and interchangeable, as well as durable. Treyger’s designs answer to the on-the-go lifestyle of modern consumers, blurring the lines between formal and casual, so that one outfit can be worn for many occasions.


“The foundation of the label is to bring new functionalities to the contemporary wardrobe that provide the most comfort and sophistication.”


Made in New York, the New Vibe collection is now available for purchase on Kickstarter. Backers will help fund production and product development, and are slated to receive their New Vibe clothing (at up to 40 percent off retail) in December. Support the Kickstarter campaign or view the full line on the company’s website, newvibeinc.com.


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