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DyingMessage.comDeath is an integral part of life. But a lot of people have trouble coming to terms with that. Few take the time to think of what they would say to their loved ones if they had the chance of a last goodbye, for example. Maybe that happens because they seem to think they won’t have the chance to do it, that death will come completely unexpected. Which for the most part is true, of course. But that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily leave your words of affection and support unspoken. There are services for ensuring they will reach your loved ones after you have passed away. is one such service. And it’s actually a really good one, too.


On you will be able to create a video or text message that is going to be sent after you have died. Your last goodbyes, your last words of advice to your children (or grandchildren), a final declaration of love to the person you chose as your lifelong companion… all that and more can be conveyed via

The way this service works, you can create as many messages as you want. And then, your recipients will get them when the time comes. That is, will attempt to contact you multiple times. Only if all of these attempts are unsuccessful will your messages be delivered. In Their Own Words

A video or a text message that will be sent after you die.

Some Questions About

How long can these messages be? What other kind of media can you attach to them?

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