Dygest.net – Reading Summarized News

Dygest.netThe dynamicity of the Internet means that whenever a news story breaks, related coverage does crop up at the speed of light. It is only logical, but the fact remains that the user can find it a bit aggravating to have to browse through endless articles that end up saying mostly the same.

That is where this application comes in. What it does is to scour different news sources, see what has been said about any specific matter or issue, and then produce a summary for the reader to enjoy the meat and potatoes of the story itself.

As well as presenting the reader with this “digested” account of the story, a link to each original source is provided for the user to delve into any of its fine points.

The news content itself is organized into different themes. By way of example, these include topics like “Tech”, “Film” and “Green”. And themes can be related to specific locations, as it is only fit.

Lastly, this platform is also mobile-compliant. But in no case must you download anything – it is all hosted online. Just address your browser at www.dygest.net in order to see it all in action for yourself.

Dygest.net In Their Own Words

“We collect the articles from various sources, find out which ones are covering the same story and then produce a summary of what the various articles say on that story. You can quickly read our summary and then read the original source article if you want more information.”

Why Dygest.net It Might Be A Killer

Those who have no time to spare will relish having a platform that provides them with only the most relevant content on the web as regards any given topic.

Some Questions About Dygest.net

How will this project evolve from now on? Dygest.net