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Dwellicious.comIn a nutshell, Dwellicious takes the basic idea of the ever-popular social bookmarking site and circumscribes its approach somehow, turning it into a real estate tool for those looking for their next home. The main functionality of the site is letting such individuals organize, share and discuss properties by bookmarking them and sharing the bookmarked listings with others.


The site also comes complete with a set of convenient tools like maps and neighborhood information (including a detailed list of schools within each location). Property valuation tools and a list showcasing recent area sales are also provided for users to make better-informed decisions before parting with their hard-earned cash.

Since the bookmarks are actually stored on the web, these can be easily updated to reflect actual changes. For instance, when the price of any property goes up or down, such an event is taken into account online, and you will know about it. The same goes for events such as the addition of new pictures and so forth.

At the end of the day, this solution makes the exchange of real estate information and the subsequent discussion among parties an easy task, by providing a space where everything is kept centralized and fully updated. In Their Own Words

“Dwellicious is a social bookmarking site for people to organize, share, and discuss the search for their next home. Dwellicious is a combination of the word “dwell”, meaning home, and “delicious” meaning yummy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A solution such as this one makes for the exchange of information in an easy and immediate manner, and for the ready sharing of opinions and insight.

Some Questions About

Which countries are supported by this system? How could it have added outreach?

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