DuroCast.com – Listen To Radio Stations The World Over

DuroCast.comDuroCast brings worldwide radio stations right into your browser. This site provides you with unified access to stations found both in North and South America and in Canada, and it lets you listen to them as crisply as if you were tuning into them using your actual radio.

The idea is that users of the site find new stations both in the country they are situated in and far away, and then proceed to create their own personalized lists with their own picks. These lists can then be shared with whomever they like.

Such a social feature is as good as any other that you can think of. In practice, it means that people who are knowledgeable when it comes to any specific genre (IE, hip hop, jazz, country…) can proceed to create lists with the best talent they to be found not just where they live, but actually the whole world over. These will be greatly enlightening to the uninitiated, and to people who are acquainted only with their local scenes – they will be able to get a wider understanding of these genres that they love best.

DuroCast.com In Their Own Words

Online radio redefined.

Why DuroCast.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a great site not only because you will be able to listen to foreign stations, but also because you will be able to recommend (and be recommended) cool stations in a mere couple of clicks.

Some Questions About DuroCast.com

Will Europe be covered later on as well? DuroCast.com