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DuoDater.comDuoDater proves that innovating on something that is tried and tested isn’t really that hard, that a little imagination is enough to make a difference in the end. Because DuoDater offers something that no other dating site currently offers: the chance to make online dating social by letting users go out on double dates. That could hardly be termed original or novel, yet (quite surprisingly) nobody had done it before. And DuoDater is not only doing it, it’s actually doing it right.

This new website (which is aimed at men and women dated 20-30) lets users look for romance with the help of a friend. This friend is acting as a kind of co-pilot, providing advice and directions at every turn. You will choose who to date together. And you will choose not only person, but two – you are going to be going out on a double date.

And since DuoDater is a Facebook-connected service, bringing friends along for the ride is so much easier. Not to mention that it also minimizes the risk of running into the wrong people. That’s one of the biggest deterrents people have for trying out dating sites, and while it can’t never be absolutely eradicated a service like DuoDater certainly lowers the risks of running into someone who is not who he claims to be.

And the fact of it being a double date also gives everything a much more trustworthy aura – it’s one thing going to meet a stranger on your own, it’s another going with your bets friend. Again, that doesn’t mean such a platform is one to trust blindly. But couple the double dating approach with all the common sense that should be applied (like arranging to meet at a public place), and it all should go reasonably smoothly.

DuoDater.com In Their Own Words

Double dating makes meeting singles online less awkward and more social. DuoDater is free, so grab a friend and get started!

Some Questions About DuoDater.com

Will it catch on? What could make it (or break it)? DuoDater.com