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DTLOK.comA site that aims to democratize fashion as much as possible, Does This Look Okay is one of these resources where people can upload a photo and ask others whether or not they looked right within that specific context, or if the fashion will be suitable for any given event that they proceed to describe.


People can give fashions either a positive or a negative vote, and they can also comment on the images that are uploaded.

That was only to be expected – after all, a negative vote is just that and it does not tell you why that particular style is not suitable. Only a comment would have that effect.

At the end of the day, there are many sites that do something similar to this one, and while they are all useful the scene is starting to become a little saturated for its own good. After all, having so many sites like this one scattered over the Web dilutes the impact of the premise, as people will become distributed. There must be some tipping factor that is yet to be perceived by anybody, and when that is found a definitive resource of this nature will emerge. In Their Own Words

“Does this look okay?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who need a second (and even a third and a fourth opinion) will find this more than useful.

Some Questions About

Is integration with social sites already provided?

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