search cancel – DISH FTA and DTV Files Community takes you to, a WordPress blog that provides information on criminal and civil actions that are brought against those who try to obtain DISH Network and Bell TV programming illegally. On this website, you can follow every case that is pending on American courts concerning fraudulent satellite activity. You can see who the plaintiffs are, which charges have been leveled at them, and how they are defending themselves. And if their sites are seized by the government, then an announcement is instantly made on the site.


All the most recent cases can be reviewed on the homepage, and you can access the site’s historical archives here. And also features a collection of anti-piracy links. Sites like the Coalition Against Online Video Piracy and the MPAA are listed there, and can be accessed right away.

Besides, on the “Send us a tip” section you can report any site that you come across that’s into providing people with direct access to pirate cable TV, or with the devices needed to pin satellite signals.

So, is an anti-piracy website in the broadest sense of the word. It includes information on all active litigations, it lists the ones who are involved in them, and it also lets law-abiding citizens report the people who are up to fraudulent activity. Paying it a visit is certainly a good way to start learning more about the hazards that satellite TV companies have to face nowadays, and the role you can play in making that stop.

Author : Charly Zaks

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