Dscover.me – Share Your Clickstream With Everybody

Dscover.meDscover can be termed a social service that lets people share the best online content that they have found with all their friends and acquaintances. Those who use Dscover will effectively be adding a new layer to the Web – a layer enabling them to share their clickstreams with just any person that they want.

This translates into the fact that people will be able to see the articles that their friends are reading, the videos that they are watching, and all the stores that they are shopping at – all in real time.

Something like Dscover turns collaborative research into a piece of cake. If you are planning to go somewhere with your pals for the weekend, you can simply launch this application and let everybody see what places to stay at you have found online, without having to lift a finger.

If you think that this is a system you (and all your acquaintances) could benefit from, you will be glad to know that you can try it for free, and without the need to even register. Simply log in using your Facebook credentials when prompted and you will be all set to start browsing the Web in a more cooperative mode.

Dscover.me In Their Own Words

Discover what your friends are doing online. Share your expertise. Right now.

Why Dscover.me It Might Be A Killer

By letting people track what others do as they move across the Web, this application makes for shared browsing at its finest.

Some Questions About Dscover.me

Are all browsers supported to the same degree? Dscover.me