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Drunktender.comDrunktender is a free application that you can use whenever you are out and about in order to keep you alcohol consumption in check. Basically, those who use this app can have all the drinks that they are ordering analyzed. This is done by inputting the actual name of the beverage. Drunktender will there and then produce a detailed description of what is exactly on the drink, and it will also show you which blood alcohol level you will have after you have imbibed it.


That is pretty useful in itself, but Drunktender can actually do much more. It can post what you are drinking straight to Facebook. In this way, if you wake up with your head anywhere but upon your shoulders after a particularly blurry night, then you can at least begin understanding how you got there in the first place.

And it must also be mentioned that Drunktender will let you store the best recipes that you have come across. This means that any beverage that literally set your head reeling will be reproducible later on, for the benefit of those who are at any party that you are also attending, and which is going a bit slow. In Their Own Words

Drunktender is a FREE social drinking application that keeps track of what you?re drinking and lets you share it with your friends!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers a superb way to track what you are consuming, and draw the line when necessary.

Some Questions About

How many drinks can Drunktender currently identify?

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