DrPic.com – Free Web Picture Editor

DrPic.comThere is no shortage of online pic editors, and Dr. Pic is the latest addition to this widening group.

This one has the advantage of being free and very easy to employ and put into practice.

Broadly speaking, this editor enables you to upload a picture from your computer or camera and then apply a host of effects to it. These include guassian blurs and oil paints along with grayscales and related effects. Of course, the picture itself can be resized and cropped at will, and text can be added as you see fit.

Once you have finished editing your picture you can save it either to your computer or the Internet. When saving the picture you can also specify the file format, and have your pick from standard options such as JPG, GIF and PNG.

At the end of the day, it is always useful to have a site like this as part of your bookmark collection. Who knows, you might need it when least expected…

DrPic.com In Their Own Words

“The easiest FREE online picture editor!”

Why DrPic.com It Might Be A Killer

It is simple to use and practical, not to mention free.

Some Questions About DrPic.com

Are there any limitations as regards picture size? DrPic.com