Drpepperbubble.com – Dr Pepper’s official site

Drpepperbubble.comAs Dr Pepper’s cola official site, Drpepperbubble.com has something more than a funky domain name: it is a sort of funky marketing site.

In it you’ll get all the standard features: signing up as registered member to receive discounts and coupons, ongoing marketing and ad campaigns and other stuff, but also some especially cool details about the products and brands, like the Timeline, which is an interactive flash feature that allows users to take a look at some highlights from each decade since the ‘20s and check out how Dr Pepper’s packaging and brand image has changed and also how the US pop culture’s has, as users will be able to see what each decade brought in terms of inventions, slang, music or grocery list prices. Users less interested in history or sociology and more into Tech stuff will find downloadable stuff for their mobiles and iPhones as well. Drpepperbubble.com