Dropico.com – Share Pictures Across Different Platforms

Dropico.comThe way social websites have evolved over time is certainly amazing. Back in the nineties it was impossible to imagine we would have the number of applications to interchange media and data that we have available these days.

Now, there are many online applications that make it possible for people to share, import, and export pictures, videos and other media with just a couple of clicks. That happens to be the case with Dropico.com, an application that gives you the possibility to import photos from any website or blog in an uncomplicated manner.

The system lets you drag and drop photos between different services as well as to browse and copy your friends’ photos from sites like Facebook. You will have the chance to copy them from your computer or any external device. This is a system that supports the most popular web services, applications and social networks, giving bloggers and developers the chance to add their own applications or services if they prefer.

Dropico.com is quite a novel resource, and it is worth visiting for sure if you are looking for a service you can use to manage you Facebook account at the same time you can make use of services like Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and others. In order to make use of the benefits provided by this solution, you simply have to create an account and you will be able to build up new photo albums and share pictures across all these different platforms.

Dropico.com In Their Own Words

“In cyberspace, our various media files are distributed among many different online services. We all share our everyday experiences with our loved ones, friends and families, through our personal media (pictures and videos). The management of every day personal media has become tedious and time consuming task. Transferring media files between multiple web services currently requires downloading files to personal computers and than uploading them again, to the desired service.

Once you opened Dropico system, it enables you to manage all of your albums from a single interface. Beside the fact that you can drag & drop pictures across multiply platforms, you can create albums, copy or delete pictures, load your PC files, and import files from Internet addresses. Additionally, Dropico intend to backup all of your files so you won’t have to be worried about losing them ever again.”

Why Dropico.com It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it makes it simple and possible for users to drag and drop pictures and files across different platforms to maximize their sharing experience.

Some Questions About Dropico.com

Is it free to use? Will additional services come at a cost? Dropico.com