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DropEvent.comDrop Event is a site that aims to do something about the (seemingly) insoluble problem of photos from a single event ending spread across social profiles that not everybody can freely access to. Hence, a large part of the story is remaining untold to many.


What Drop Events does is to let people create collaborative galleries to which just anybody can contribute the photos that they have taken, without even having to sign in first.

So, you attended an event and took 50 photos? Well, now you will be able to have the lot of them uploaded and mingled with the ones that were taken by just every other single person who was also on attendance.

Photo albums are built simply by creating a page for them, and then making the link available to all the people who could have anything to upload. This process is inexpensive, and something that entails no technical knowledge or skills at all. Just like uploading pictures to any event once it has been created, really. In Their Own Words

Collaborative photo galleries.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the one and only way in which you could ensure all the people who have attended an event will be able to share their visual recollections with just anybody.

Some Questions About

How many pictures can a single album hold?

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