Dropcam.com – Watching Your Home At All Times

Dropcam.comDropcam offers an interesting take on camera surveillance systems. Basically, if you decide to buy the provided package you are getting a web cam and access to a application for watching what the camera is recording at all times.

You will actually be able to monitor your camera’s live feed from anywhere an Internet connection is available, and all the major mobile devices of the day (iPhones, iPods and iPads) are already supported.

You can set both email and mobile alerts based on criteria like motion capture, time of the day and so on. And not only do you have real-time access to what the camera is streaming whenever you want, you can also record and archive your footage. By paying a monthly fee you will be empowered to record several full days of activity, and these recordings can then be downloaded to your HD.

In this way, you will be capable of keeping a close watch on your home or your business 24/7. You can monitor your newly-born at all times, you can keep an alert eye on your storefront… the uses can be kept as personal or professional as you want. And the system is bound to produce excellent results in either case.

Dropcam.com In Their Own Words

“Easy Wi-Fi security cameras with online viewing and recording.”

Why Dropcam.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a system that can be put both to personal and professional uses, and which works equally well in both cases.

Some Questions About Dropcam.com

How do you capture individual screenshots from the recordings that are created? Dropcam.com