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Broken iPhone? DropBot Is One Peach Of A Solution

Life with a cracked phone screen — trying to make it until the contract runs out and you’re due for an upgrade — is miserable. The only thing that makes suffering with a damaged device bearable: knowing that trying to have it repaired would hurt a lot worse.


Does anything make customer service vanish quicker than a broken phone? Wait weeks for a claim to be processed and a replacement to arrive, get passed from one uncaring representative after another – not to mention, your primary means of dealing with life’s problems isn’t functional. What a nightmare.


Instead of bringing your world to a crashing, annoying, money-sucking halt when your smartphone is kaput, DropBot restores order quickly and painlessly.


dropbot landing


DropBot, an app by technology company Peach Labs, responds to problems before you’ve finished your gasp of horror. Motion sensors detect trouble and begin assessing the extent of the problem immediately when you drop your phone. With a couple clicks, the calvary is on the way.


I know, you’re thinking you’ve heard this before and that the reality is always worse when something actually breaks, but DropBot is different.


Forget about dealing with your carrier. DropBot does that for you. Forget about waiting days for a replacement – or a check that you get to take to the bank and then go fishing for one! – to arrive. DropBot puts a new gadget in your hands without delay. Searching high and low for repair service? That’s not gonna happen any more. DropBot will find nearby repair shops for you or have a technician sent your way, regardless if you’re at home, the office, or freelancing at the local coffee shop.


Bottom line. Time without a smartphone means lost money for today’s digital worker. Whether it’s the ability to demo your app to investors, inability to communicate effectively with clients, missed alerts from your remote team member – going without a phone simply isn’t an option.


Instead of eating your losses and springing for a new tool or agonizing over missed opportunities while you wait for a replacement, DropBot makes sure your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.


Replacement while you wait for your repaired phone to return: check. A new device for much cheaper even if you’re without insurance: check. The entire ordeal resolved in hours rather than days: check. Simply put, DropBot is a smarter way to ensure that damaged or broken phones don’t wreck your world.


Need more convincing? This is from the Peach Labs website: “Built on artificial intelligence, remote diagnostics, and a beautiful U/X, DropBot currently resolves claims for less than $3 per claim.” Of course you still don’t want your phone to break, but this is one hell of a better outcome than those to which we’ve grown accustomed. Oh yeah, and the DropBot app is free!


You can bet Android users will be clamoring for help soon, too, but DropBot currently covers iPhone, iPad, and iPod issues. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the hassles related to a broken mobile device and let nothing mess with your productivity, learn more at or download DropBot from the App Store.


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