The Top 10 Startup Companies Utilizing Drones

Drone companies have become the way of the future. Not only for photography and video purposes but also for delivery. That’s why it isn’t surprising to see so many start-ups focused on making the best ones you can find on the market

That said, who do you turn to when it comes to the best drone companies on the market? Never fear, as we’ve got the lowdown on ten startups you should watch out for as 2022, ahem, drones on.


Ware is a company that specializes in making drones that can help with AI-related work. They specialize in producing drones that specialize across three categories — data capture, data processing, and reporting deliveries.

They also specialize in capturing inventory images in warehouses, making them highly popular with big companies. With a growing grasp on technology and reasonable pricing, no wonder they’re one of the best drone companies to watch out for.


For those looking for drone optimization that involves utilizing natural resources, EcoDrone is a safe bet.

Located in Firenze, Toscana, Italy, this small but sufficient start-up specializes in making drones that can measure ocean data and coastal monitoring. They’re an absolute must for groups monitoring sea life or checking conditions within the environment.

With its hand in so many industries, it’s a surefire bet for up-and-coming companies that want to do something friendly for the Earth. It’s one of the best drone companies to keep an eye on.


Communication between a customer and a drone can be key. You don’t want just anyone dropping off a package without even so much as a “hello,” right? (Unless it’s Amazon.)

Aerologix is one of the better drone companies when it comes to utilizing a platform that allows consumers to keep up with drone pilots. Based just outside of Sydney, Australia, this company’s outreach has grown significantly, thanks to rave consumer reviews and reliable service. It helps to have established contact to make something grow, which Aerologix clearly has.


Next up is MinoAir, one of the better drone companies when it comes to all things mapping.

This service makes proper use of a cloud-based platform as it uses drones to convert on-site images into 2D and 3D maps. It also provides analytics upon request and collaborates with other companies depending on what’s needed. It’s another Earth-friendly company located within India that’s sure to expand its global outreach leading into summer.


Next up is Arbito, a drone company that stems from Japan and does all things connected with its drones.

That includes providing image inspection upon request, as well as analysis of anything it surveys and even doing repair service through online, interconnected artificial intelligence.

It’s a bit deep tech, but for those that thrive in this sort of thing, it’s one of the more dependable, and better, drone companies to call upon.

Aeronica Advance Technologies

Drones are often called upon for natural-based business, such as mapping portions of the Earth, calling upon duty to survey a certain stretch of land, or simply capturing the majestic beauty of nature.

Enter Aeronica Advance Technologies, a company that specializes in UAV survey and mapping. They also provide GIS data processing and UAV maintenance services. It handles all this within its headquarters in India, with each global outreach commending it as one of the better drone companies on the list!


Forget business for a second — what if you just want to have fun with drones in the gaming realm? That’s where Zyro comes in, the work of several engineers and enthusiasts that want to play around with drones!

Based in Redwood City, California, the company made the game from scratch and has built up quite a community surrounding it. It’s sure to grow as time goes on as well like any good game should. What it lacks in business sense, Zyro makes up for with good old-fashioned fun!


Coming up next on our list is EHang, which provides consumer use of drones through a smartphone app.

Through its GhostDrone 2.0 service, would-be pilots can grasp a number of features. If they wish, they can even activate self-protection, in case a traditional weapon just isn’t enough.

Utilizing strong communication and solid controls, EHang is considered one of the better drone companies in case you feel like taking to the skies yourself — but aren’t sure how to entirely get the hang of your own app just yet.


Let’s talk about security. Sometimes it’s just needed, but it’s hard to tell what the better drone companies are out there when it comes to protection.

Fortunately, there’s Drone Sec, an established start-up that leans heavily on keeping people safe through drone security. Offering a number of features in its headquarters in Australia, DroneSec has every base covered — even training for those that need it!

Heven Drones (

And finally, suppose you have a big job that you need to handle. You don’t want to strain your back doing it yourself, and others can’t really help either. So how about letting a drone do the work.

This brings us to Heven, a manufacturer that makes heavy-lifting drones. They do this through a balance of support for hardware and software alike.

Even though it’s located in Israel, it deals with clients worldwide. This makes them one of the better drone companies to call upon when the going gets tough at work…which is more often than you might think.