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Driver-Ratings.comThere are people that should be anywhere but behind a steering wheel. And this site hopes to do something about that – it is meant to become the one-stop resource for denouncing these drivers that are egregiously at fault.


On this site, people are enabled to rate these drivers that should have their licenses taken away for good. Road etiquette and parking skills are what is primarily measured here, and the site already makes it possible to rate people in just every State. And this includes not only the continental US but also territories like Hawaii.

To rate somebody, all you have to do is key in his license plate. That will let you rate his suitability for life on the road. And whenever you look up any plate, you will be presented with all the ratings that person has received before. Of course, this means that you can always look yourself up and see what other have to say about your driving skills. In Their Own Words

Driver ratings.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very practical way to denounce these drivers that are nothing short of a public threat.

Some Questions About

Will we ever see an official site like this, IE one coming straight from the government?

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