– Destroy Your Hard Drive Securely

Driveburn.comDriveburn is a secure hard drive data destruction company. The way it all works is easy and direct: you pay a set price (currently $ 25), you are sent a prepaid Ship Kit, and you send the drive back to Driveburn in order to be melted down.

Free USPS priority shipping is paid by the company.

The destruction of the drive itself happens under video surveillance, and you will receive a photo certificate as confirmation that you drive has actually been toasted and wiped from the face of the Earth.

The Ship Kit that you are sent has a security seal that is unique – no other order has the same seal. This enables you to track and secure your data. Upon being received by the company, the driver itself is never installed or viewed – the moment the security seal is broken the drive is destroyed. And once the driver has been obliterated, then the remains (along with most of the actual packaging) are recycled in order to do something good for the environment. In Their Own Words

“Secure hard dive data destruction.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The price is reasonable, and the service is fully guaranteed.

Some Questions About

Are there other companies providing similar services? How do they compare to the ones rendered by Driveburn?