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Here’s How You Drive Customers In The Right Direction With Email

Are you doing everything within your power to win customers?


So you can’t pay a sales staff or afford high-priced marketing campaigns? No one cares to hear about your tight budget (join the club!). No time to interact with customers individually? That’s no excuse. The truth is that plenty of opportunity exists to reach customers – to convert them into sales, to win them back, to build their loyalty – if you connect with them at the right time.


How do you do that with limited resources?


email landing


The well-timed email is a powerful weapon of persuasion. It wins the day in many situations. It can find out why a customer left their cart before finishing a transaction, make customers feel appreciated for their business, and give them more reason to feel good about making future purchases. And email is much cheaper than other forms of marketing.


TriggMine helps eCommerce businesses take full advantage of this weapon, by sending automated emails when triggers are pulled.


A simple welcome email when a customer signs up. Offers to best customers. A timed sequence of emails to keep your business on your customers’ radar, thank you messages. TriggMine sends all of these emails and more, giving your customers the attention and motivation that wins them over.


You don’t need a Silicon Valley developer to program these emails. Nor do you need a marketing guru to design them for you. With TriggMine, they’re at the ready (with minimal personalization required). All you need to do is install the TriggMine plugin, add your logo and contact info, and switch on your triggered campaigns.


There’s no excuse for leaving business to chance. With TriggMine, you have the ability to reach customers with minimal cost and effort. You have email templates to craft your messages, analytics to help you learn what works and what doesn’t, annnnnnnd, of course, the right messages firing at the perfect time on autopilot.


TriggMine charges according to the number of unique customers you message per month. The service pays for itself handsomely by putting an end to those abandoned shopping carts, helping to convert more customers, and by both retaining and engaging best customers.


Email works and generates income, and TriggMine makes email communication incredibly easy. Say you have a brilliant product but you’re lousy at communicating. Don’t let this shortcoming be your downfall. Step back and let TriggMine do the talking for you.


So you don’t have a sales team to up-sell and cross-sale products? Get whatever message across that you need to in order to grow your business with help from TriggMine. Customer relationship management doesn’t come any simpler than automatic. Learn more about how TriggMine can convince your customers at


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Author : Keith Liles

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