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Drinkstr.comStill nursing a St. Paddy’s day hangover? Hankering for the second best cure known to mankind (yes, more alcohol)? Then try Drinkstr, a site for drinkers, given to the world by a one-man team with a penchant for quirky ideas and new websites (dumbasscoworkers.


com, anyone?). Drinkstr is social networking dedicated to the hardcore drinkers out there who attend to Happy Hour as a daily ritual, part of washing off the day’s work by soaking in a cocktail bath. Like other social networking sites, you register and create a screen name, then the fun begins. Once you’ve got yourself a drinking name, go out and get your friends to join. Create groups. Make a list of your favorite drinking locations and rate them from 1 to 5. Then, when the next happy hour rolls by, choose a group and pick the people you want to get your drink on with, setup a time and Drinkstr will do the rest. Which means Drinkstr, using savvy algorithms, will choose where you ought to spend your quality drinking hours. It’s that easy. Drinkstr is free. Drinks, I’m afraid are not. In Their Own Words

“ Let Drinkstr take the monotony out of deciding happy hour every day.

Put your friends and your favorite saloons in a drinking group and let Drinkstr’s super-advanced algorithm decide where to go to drink every day.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Drinkstr is a fun site that young folks with plenty of cash and a healthy drinking habit might enjoy. It makes it easy to get friends together to drink and have a good time. And you let Drinkstr choose the locale, so friends don’t have squabble over where to go. Only Drinkstr’s to blame.

Some Questions About

So far Drinkstr’s pretty sparse. Can it attract enough of an audience to be worthwhile? Will users actually use Drinkstr? Or will they join it as sort of a novelty and then get bored with it?


Author : Bruce Turner

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