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Drinklogger.comThe DrinkLogger website is based on a simple yet interesting premise which will no doubt appeal to more than a few share of people out there: monitoring the estimated blood alcohol content (BAC) at any given time. In order to benefit from this service, registration must be carried out.


This process is quite simple in itself, not to mention inexpensive. All it entails is furnishing some account information such as a valid username and a password, as well as complying with some legal technicalities such as attesting that you are of legal drinking age and agreeing to the terms of use.

The way that the BAC content itself is tracked and monitored is actually explained on the thorough Frequently Asked Questions Page. In principle, the site bases its approach on what is termed the Windmark’s basic formula. This formula takes into account a person’s gender and weight for making assumptions about the rate of alcohol absorption and for processing the person’s drinking. For its part, issues such as the accuracy of the process are brought into consideration, and you are also presented with a list of factors that can affect it such as hydration levels, temperature and time of day.

Another aspect that merits a mention is that a version of the site which is optimized for mobile devices can be resorted to anytime by following the link provided on the main page. Devices like the Opera Mini and the Safari on the iPhone have already been tested and are supported In Their Own Words

“Drink Logger makes it easy to track your drinking and monitor your estimated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) with plots that show your BAC over time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a well-implemented tool that caters for a specific and real need.

Some Questions About

How reliable is this? How do I find out if my mobile device is supported?

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