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Still Searching For The Perfect Business Management Tool?




Every business has slightly different needs when it comes to project management. For example, if your team is working remotely you’re going to require very different interactions than a team working with an open plan desk but completing tasks together online. There are an infinite number of possible team configurations and it’s important that each team figure out what works best for them.


If you’re reading this post, chances are you haven’t yet hit on your business management solution just yet. You’ve tried some of the big names, maybe a couple of the small ones, but nothing has stuck. Or, maybe, you’re just starting your search for the perfect tool for your team.


Regardless, you’re here for help and I’m here to help with a tool called Drinkle. A business management tool for any sized team, Drinkle lets you organize projects, collaborate with your team, assign tasks, write comments, and track leads all within one system.





Task Management

For the day to day tasks of running a business, Drinkle provide a task management tool. This is where you can create projects for your team to work on, assign tasks to different users, and set due dates for each task. It’s also a great space for sharing files and writing comments on your team’s activities.


Leads Management

Keeping track of all of you business leads can be a serious pain. Juggling different excel documents or shared Google docs or organizing emails is the hack that a lot of people use but Drinkle lets you keep track of all of them, all in one place. You can also note what stage in the pipeline they’re at and assign different values.



Drinkle may be especially useful for those companies that rely heavily on spreadsheets, as they have a whole section of the site that’s just for creating and sharing them. This spreadsheet module is a great way to make sure everything that needs to be presented in rows and columns is kept in one place.



If your company has three users or less, Drinkle is totally free. Any more than that will only put you back $3.00 per user per month or $30 per user per year, which is hardly a hefty fee. It’s totally affordable even for the most early stage bootstrappers among us so if your team is still searching for a business management solution, why not give it a shot? Check it out now at


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Author : Emma McGowan

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