Stop Packing! Rent Clothes Anywhere Through Dress n’ GO!

Like most everyone I know, I love traveling but hate packing – hate dealing with luggage hassles. Worrying about exceeding the weight limit and paying a fortune, dressing uncomfortably for flights so you can travel only with a carryon… bear with me a sec, because it will help to appreciate how fantastic the startup is that I’m about to introduce –


You’re going away for a weekend. Time is short, so you’d like to avoid the lines checking and reclaiming your baggage. But the weather is iffy, so you either need to pack too much or go unprepared. You have nothing but bad options.


There is another way. It’s going to change how we dress, and how we pack and travel. Meet Dress n’ GO!




This platform and mobile app allows you rent the clothes you’re going to need wherever you’re going, so you can travel carrying the minimal essentials. Or you can buy clothes at your destination if you like, rent clothes for special occasions from someone where you live… I don’t usually rely on these kinds of phrases, but I think it’s genuinely helpful in this case: think of Dress n’ GO! as an Airbnb for clothes.


A clothing rental service that supports individual’s style and that’s flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of needs.


The Dress n’ GO! app allows you to virtually try clothes on, using a selfie. You can select any and all of the wardrobe items you need according to size, color, brand, price range, etc. Have stuff delivered wherever is convenient. Place items back in the bag for pickup when you’re done, and you’re speeding on your way.


Renting clothes through Dress n’ GO! gives travelers the freedom to travel lightly, without having to worry about their bags arriving (25 million bags, or roughly 6% of bags checked into airlines in the US annually, never make it to their destination). What’s more, the startup gives department stores and fashion designers creative means to reach shoppers.


Users can even chat with a stylist via live video chat to find the perfect clothing. So, Dress n’ GO! makes it easy to find clothes, rent clothes, buy clothes, pack clothes. As a result of needing to pack less, store less, and putting items to greater use, Dress n’ GO! also takes it easy on the environment.


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