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Draftexpress.comIf you are a basketball fan, is going to feel like heaven to you.


Featuring extensive information in all major leagues (NBA, NCAA, High-school, D-League, international), the site gathers an impressive amount of information, news, comments and a guide to theme-specific and trendy sports blogs. Unlike similar sites, this page keeps record of all is ever published, so it is a great online archive, which is sure to be convenient for amateur players and journalists, and pros as well, as it includes several kind of stats (as in players, offensive/defensive, tear or coach) and other useful information, like body build and basic data on players, plus practice schedules and more. You can choose to register as a site member (it works like a social network, as you get your own profile and interest tags) and enjoy some of the fun of the site with other sports lovers, and discuss all of basketball related stuff online or offline. In Their Own Words

“Over the last four years, DraftExpress has evaluated hundreds of players and published well over a thousand articles about the NBA draft. We’ve traveled around the globe and logged thousands of hours watching games in person and on film, talking on the phone, and on the road to provide you with the most comprehensive NBA draft (and more ) information possible.

Along the way, we’ve incurred many expenses. All of our writers have taken substantial amounts of money out of their own pockets in order to provide you with the coverage we do. Last week, we traveled from the East Coast all along down the West Coast, and back through Las Vegas and Chicago to take in countless NBA draft prospects. Next week, four staff members will be attending the Orlando Pre-Draft camp, and two more will continue on to Italy in order to cover the RBK Eurocamp. This summer will be packed with traveling throughout Europe and the US to cover every relevant event that pertains to the NBA draft and beyond”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since basketball is one of the most important sports in the US, a highly professional and knowledgeable tool like this site is deemed to reach millions of fans, and since it seems to abide by an independent line of comment, is can be a wonderful source of unbiased information which fans can digg and check out regularly.

Some Questions About

The site does not introduce any statement in regard to copyright issues, and since the site strives to survive on generous donations, it seems reasonable to prevent themselves from someone out there republishing their valuable contents!

Author : Steve Dixon

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