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DoubleImpact.comDoubleImpact presents itself as a Facebook-connected resource that lets people turn the completion of tasks that decrease their energy usage and increase sustainability into money for charities. Users of this service can choose from lots of different causes such as wildlife, environment, health and cancer and then earn what are called Impact Points by completing specific tasks. These will then redound to money that will be paid to charities by the brands that support DoubleImpact.


The kinds of tasks to be completed, now, are nothing fanciful or complex. To give you an idea, these involve buying sustainable products, or simply checking-in at locations which are environmentally-friendly such as farmer markets. And it is even possible to tie DoubleImpact with your utility account, and receive Impact Points based on the energy that you manage to save. So, as far as providing users with a smooth and amicable experience goes, this is a service that passes the test with distinction. And remember, the site is Facebook-connected. You are not required to create an account of your own to get going, just supply your Facebook credentials when prompted. In Their Own Words

Take Simple, Sustainable Actions To Earn $$$ For Your Favorite Charity.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site emphasizes being usable above everything else – people who have never supported a charity because they felt they had no time to do so will love it.

Some Questions About

How (and where) is the site going to be promoted?

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