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Double your drop shipping while having your inventory overhead.

E-commerce is a vast industry, with innumerable small- and medium-sized businesses now delivering products purchased over the web. However, customer-facing footprint of retail has shrunk, the back-end has bloated considerably.


Modern e-commerce businesses rely on fickle customer pools that have grown accustomed to immediate gratification. They want access to all possible styles and variants, with instant shipping and quality customer service.

While Amazon and other major e-tailers can easily provide this level of service, independent e-tailers often find that they are swamped by inventory costs and requirements, negating any savings they’ve accrued from operating without a brick-and-mortar retail face.

However, there’s no reason for them to suffer these logistical hurdles, thanks to the drop shipping phenomena.

Drop shippers provide a fungible back-end solution for electronic retail. One of the most popular (currently serving over 150,000 different businesses) is Modalyst. They offer a wide range of different products from different US and overseas manufacturers, as well as all the metadata that e-commerce sites require to simply and seamlessly include listings for any of their products, at any markup, on any site.

What this means is that e-commerce storefront operators no longer have to consider and correct for the various costs implicit in inventory warehousing and product accessibility at the time of order. Modalyst handles all of the back-end, so shop owners can focus on their passion: driving sales.

In business since 2012, Modalyst has continued to perform well in the market, and to rack up accolades from satisfied retailers. Cedric Cages, a New York-based fashion reseller, literally laughed when asked about the company’s market position. “”Hah! I laugh at those not using Modalyst,” he exclaimed. “The amount of content on here is amazing. I was using Aliexpress for a little bit, but once I started using this splendid app, I deleted everything I imported from Ali and replaced them with Mod’s suppliers.”

Tracy, of Tracy’s Expressions, concurs. “I absolutely love this app,” she explains.”The ease of use to integrate products to my inventory is wonderful, not to mention the quality & fashionable styles.”

Ease of use when adding new products is a big draw for Modalyst’s clients. The owner of retailer Jodirebecca “love[s] how the products import into [our] Shopify store,” explaining that “ it makes it so much easier to organize products. The products import with professional looking titles, pictures, and descriptions. This saves me a lot of time compared to other apps I’ve tried.”

According to the retailer Denn for Men, Modalyst is “one of the best dropshipping apps of fashion suppliers around.” The owner was quite happy with the platform, explaining that their “experience so far has been incredible,” and that they “can really see [their] brand elevating to a whole new level, by marketing top quality fashion products.”


Author : Owen Ferguson

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