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Dotpag.comAre you the kind of internet user who uses multiple computers throughout the day and needs to be organized? If that is so, this website could be of help for you. Dog Pag is an online tool created to keep your activities organized through efficient tools like an address directory and an online reminder. might be important for those who are interested in using an yearly planner to organize their activities in a simple way.

Additionally, will let you learn everything about how you can organize your activities in a simple way by using an address directory and other resources. With you can find help to organize your daily and yearly activities through different tools, including a yearly planner.

Then, whenever you need information about an online organizer that includes an address directory, you can try this website out. Next time you search for a simple way to organize your activities by using an yearly planner, you should consider a good alternative to keep in mind. In Their Own Words

DotPag is the first online organizer where you can efficiently organize your bookmarks, images, diary. You can also manage meetings, appointments, events, your contacts in an address book, reminders by email; a to do list and a blogging service. What more could you want in a web organizer website. DotPag does it all, and its all free!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since people are on the move frequently and often using multiple computers, DotPage is a great tool for helping them keep organized. The service is completely free and will probably be most appealing for people who need to organize their social life.

Some Questions About

Do they have plans for a mobile solution? Is there a calendar function that will allow people to create meetings and accept and decline them? Are they developing the capability to synch with Outlook?