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DotEcoLtd.comDot Eco is an organization that has a noble objective, namely promoting the implementation of .eco top level domains on the WWW.


The aim of such an initiative is making a difference and raising awareness by drawing attention to the state our planet is through the creation of a URL where environmentalists can promote their causes.

The organization actually has the support of some of the most renowned figures of our time, including politicians like Al Gore and screen personalities like Roger Moore (who is currently an UNICEF ambassador) and Salma Hayek. Of course, a large number of scientists are also part of the team.

For its part, some of the organizations that endorse the project include the Alliance For Climate Protection and Surfrider, an organization that aims to protect the oceans of our world. In addition to these non-profits, some corporations like Green Works Environmental Services are actively championing the cause.

Lastly, bear in mind that you can also offer your support by filling in the provided form and stating whether you are an individual, a corporation or an environment organization. In Their Own Words

“.eco is the collective vision of a number of people in the internet, movie, environmental and scientific fields. We all share the same sense that “.eco” is an important step in the evolution of the Internet, and that we must carefully define its future, for the sake of the entire environmental movement.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a noble cause, and one that will strike a chord with many.

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What items top the organization’s agenda?

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