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dostorm.comDostorm is a page that allows you to share your brainstorming ideas with other people of your choice. It is simple to make a new brain storm, just enter a title and then write down all of the words that come into your mind.


There is no limit on the number of brainstorms that you can make. All of these brainstorms are then added to a list and after, you can pick your most brilliant ideas and send them to the next round. You can make your brainstorming public to all users and solicit their input or limit it to the users of your choice. This site is based on the belief that brainstorming can help you to pull out ideas from your conscience and solve things that you didn’t think you knew. In Their Own Words

All solutions and ideas are in our subconscious. When you know a solution but can not explain how it came to you, it is intuition’s work. A lot of our ideas are blocked by the mind before they come up from our subconscious, but there is a method to move over this wall. The method is to type ideas or questions without stopping, write and write and write.

Why It Might Be A Killer

An interesting application that allows you to better organize your brainstorming ideas. Instead of relying on a chicken scratched piece of paper, this site provides a useful way of organizing your thoughts. It could be a great way for people to solve problems and come up with new ideas.

Some Questions About

Is there enough demand for a site like this to take off? The blog notes that they are redesigning the site which would be useful. They should also consider contracting someone to edit the copy.

Author : Caroline Bright

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