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Dosisa.comIs there a marketplace as potentially big as Twitter? I think that any person who has even a vague understanding of the micro-blogging platform would know about the public that could be reached through it, and the consequent volume of transactions that could be completed.


This new site is there to open the doors of that market to anybody.

It enables people to buy and sell stuff on Twitter, and to do so at no cost at all. There are no commissions whatsoever to be paid, and there are no fees of any kind for listing the items on the website.

It all works out along the following lines: you login using your Twitter credentials, and then create a listing specifying what you want to sell, and the minimum price you are aiming for (the “reserve price”). People who visit the site from that point onwards will be able to come across your listings when performing a search, and bid on your items. The winner takes it home.

As you can see, it is all very simple and concise. Just like anything that has to do with Twitter, in fact. Incidentally, a Pro version is on the works. Watch this space for more news. In Their Own Words

“Buy & sell on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter as a marketplace is a bit of a novel concept, and it is nice to have sites that have begun exploring it. Plus, this one is completely free to use.

Some Questions About

What kind of items can and can not be sold this way?

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