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DormNoise.comThis new initiative provides a central location on the web for students to manage their personal, student group, and campus schedules, eliminating the confusion of managing multiple calendars. Users plan and organize events on three different levels – personal (person to person), by student group, and by campus.

DormNoise calendars communicate with one another as well as with 3rd party calendar applications and mobile devices to give users a 360 degree view of their busy lives. DormNoise is free to join and use for students with a valid “.edu” email account.

DormNoise supports the most popular calendaring applications as well as today’s powerful smartphones. Users can sync all of the events on their personal DormNoise calendars to Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and Windows Calendar, as well as to their Blackberry, iPhone and even the GPhone. No other calendar or event planning tool offers students such a robust but simple application for keeping up with their busy lives.

DormNoise is ad-supported, with one advertisement being hosted on each DormNoise page. 50 percent of all advertising revenues are donated to each school’s student government. This feature puts the power of the web’s advertising models to work for each school. The more students who use the application, the more advertising revenue advertisers share with their schools. Donated funds are available for use at the student government’s discretion. In Their Own Words

‘DormNoise organizes your college events.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

College and university students use multiple online calendars to manage their busy personal and school schedules. Having to toggle back and forth between Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and Windows Calendar, as well as their Blackberry, iPhone and even the GPhones opens the possibility of missing something, somewhere. DormNoise pulls everything–personal and school events–into one view where they can manage everything easily, whether they\’re at their desks or on the go. This isn’t another social network; it’s a simple but robust calendar application and event planning tool that actually pays colleges and universities back out of shared advertising revenue generated by student use.

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