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Dorkly.comPresented by the team responsible for, Dorkly is a new comedy site that is aimed at a very specific audience: players of video games.

If you are already familiarized with the College Humor website then you already know what to expect – a constant stream of videos that you would better not check out at your office, not necessarily because the material merits a “Not Safe For Work” label but mainly because you are sure to be laughing out loud within a couple of minutes.

Something that I really like about this website is the balance that has been achieved between older and newer titles. Countless mentions are made to MMORPGs (as it is only natural), but older coin-ops do also get a lot space. I was really pleased to see an article about Street Fighter II – the game harks back to the early ‘90s (I think 1992, but it could be 1991), and it defined a whole generation. So did Zelda, considered by many the first RPG that was released for the Super Nintendo gaming system (it was not – it had a lot in common with RPGs, but it was more of an adventure a la Dizzy spread over a huge landscape than anything else).

I think that the preceding paragraph made it all too evident how addicted I was to games when I was younger. But you already know that if you check KillerStartups regularly. And as a person who was once a rabid gamesplayer I think I am qualified to tell you that this site is lots of fun. In Their Own Words

“Dorkly is videogame comedy. No n00b zone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The content is humorous enough to attract even people who are not that hardened players. And those who are – well, they’re in for a real treat.

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Is the site open to contributions by users?