Never Miss Another Delivery Again With Doorman

Today’s Killer Startup: Doorman


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Elevator Pitch:

Doorman allows you to schedule deliveries for a time that’s convenient for you.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Here’s a scenario I never want to relive again: Racing the clock before an international flight, waiting for an important package to arrive. Granted, it was my boyfriend’s flight and package, not mine, but the whole experience, frankly, sucked. He was on his way to London, after which we’d be meeting up in Vietnam. The package in question included not only gifts for his sister back home, but also some equipment that he needed for work while he was in the UK. Our hearts lifted when the UPS truck showed up with minutes to spare — only to be dashed again when he didn’t have the package. Ultimately, my boyfriend had to fly off into the sunset without gifts or electronics.


Luckily I was staying in the States for one more week, which meant that he did get his packages eventually, albeit too late to give his sister her presents or to get the camera he needed to complete his work that week. However, if we’d had Doorman, the whole catastrophe would have been totally avoided.


That’s because Doorman lets you schedule deliveries for a time that’s convenient for you. No more waiting around by the front door and glancing out the window for the UPS truck every five seconds. Doorman makes receiving a delivery as easy as buying stuff online.


Here’s how it works: Once you’ve signed up for Doorman, you’ll receive your own personal Doorman shipping address. Any time you order something online, use that address instead of your own. Doorman will sign for you, send you a notification, and then hold your package at their depot until you use their app to schedule delivery from 6pm to midnight, seven days a week.


Doorman is currently available in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. However, an idea this good is needed everywhere, so keep checking back to see when it becomes available in your town too.



Sick of missed deliveries and stolen packages? It’s time to get a @Doorman


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