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Doonited.comDoonited is a new social site that has been built with the purpose of inspiring people to do their best. This new social service revolves around a series of good actions that are suggested, one at a day. Each of these is named a “DailyGood”. The idea is that users of the site collect drops for each and every DailyGood that they do. These can then be personalized with stories of their own, and users can tell everybody how great doing any of the suggested good actions actually felt. The aim of this all is encouraging others to do the good actions of the day themselves.


A service like this one can be used in circles as open or as closed as people want. Daily actions (and the effect they have had on one) can be shared with the world at large, or just with one’s family and friends. It all depends on who one has invited to the site, and (also) what the daily action is all about. By their mere nature, not all of them will appeal to everybody all the time.

Joining the site costs nothing, and when signing up for the service one can select the days in which he would like to receive emails including DailyGoods. Which is quite a good touch, actually – people can easily individualize these days in which they always have some time on their hands, and be contacted only on these. This reduces the chances of the service getting on anybody’s nerves as much as possible. In Their Own Words

Doing good together every day.

Some Questions About

Where did the inspiration for this service come from? What sparked it all off?

Author : Roger Hollings

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