– Promoting Your Site The Social Way

Donubi.comDonubi is a social network revolving around a premise which is quite novel: the real stars of the network are not the users, but their sites. That is, the idea is to let users openly promote their sites and discover new ones in the process.

The concept is interesting to say the least – after all, is there an easier way to promote a service than simply helping out other people in the same position as you? Besides, promotion of this type is far more likely to result in longstanding users instead of “one and done” visitors that just won’t give your site a second glance.

In a certain sense, Donubi adheres to a “what you put in, is what you get out” since comments die after a period of time (currently 30 days). This means that anybody can top the list of sites under a specific genre if they put the necessary effort in.

The comments that are provided (“advice” in the site’s parlance) will bear either a plus or a minus sign, and that advice will directly affect the listing of your site. Collecting good comments will rank you higher, whereas a number of bad comments will result in your site ending up buried in the lower ranks. In Their Own Words

“Donubi is a social network aimed at promoting your website. You promote your website by simply giving advice to other users. The more help you give to others, the more Donubi will help you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting concept – you help by being helped, it makes the Internet more sympathetic.

Some Questions About

Can sites in all languages be listed here?