Don’t Trip On Your Way Up – Get Step By Step Help From The Top 5 Media Group

It’s easy to understand how many small businesses might feel left in the wake of larger companies when trying to gain attention online – no budget to swim with the big advertisers, short on staff and time to keep a social media presence afloat….


And just because an abundance of DIY tools exists (many of them automating or free) doesn’t mean that growing a brand by digital means comes naturally or conveniently for small business owners. “Where do I begin?” and “How can I possibly keep up?” are two questions that still loom large over the smaller guy’s head.


Call them a life raft, a more reasonably sized catamaran to the rescue… Top 5 Media Group is a boutique agency that provides media services catered to small businesses – brick and mortar, online, non-profit organizations, independent professionals, and artists of any stripe.


The team’s goal is straightforward: “…to offer small and mid-size businesses the press coverage and promotion that they deserve in today’s highly competitive media market.” They understand that each small business faces unique challenges that require custom fitting solutions. They’re on a mission to prove that a limited budget shouldn’t impede the companies that most need help from reaching their audience.



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Top 5 Media Group works closely with clients to build social media campaigns, create effective PR content and more. They offer a wide array of services that cover public relations, social media marketing and advertising needs. The nimble outfit tries to make both long-term engagements and a la carte services affordable.


Maybe your organization needs help planning an event and ensuring that it receives due attention? Perhaps you’ve just started an online business and you need content proofread and spiffied up? From small to large projects, Top 5 Media Group has your back. Here’s a brief list of just some of the services they offer:


  • press release drafting
  • social media set-up
  • marketing material content
  • branding analysis
  • online advertising research
  • graphic design
  • email marketing
  • blogging
  • powerpoint presentations
  • company newsletter


No matter if you’ve just opened your doors and want to let the world know or you’re ready to step up your game by marketing more consistently, Top 5 Media Group will work to “grow your brand with you, one step at a time.”


Tired of trying to scrape together publicity, unsure if your efforts are even on target? Put off from attempting a sustained media campaign because of exorbitant costs? Check out Top 5 Media Group to find professional media services that are the right fit for you. Learn more about pricing and services offered at


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