– A Community For Organ Donors is a site that gives organ donors and individuals in need of a transplant the possibility to connect.

Both donors and recipients can become part of this community that helps recipients find the perfect donor. To sign up there are five steps, first you fill in general information, email, birthday, and whether or not you are a donor or recipient. The next step is choosing which organ you need. Then there is the option of uploading a photograph. The forth step is ore heath and medical information; your blood type, smoking and drinking habits, etc.. Then you activate your account. is about more than just organ donations, once you are a user you can upload photos, ad stories, chat with friends, search the site, and post ads. Your identity is anonymous, users only know you as your screen name so don’t worry about your privacy. If you are interested in taking organ donation a step above claiming to be an organ donor on your license, gives you the opportunity to take an active part in helping others continue to lead a healthy life. In Their Own Words

“Chosing to donate an organ and give the gift of life is one of the most meaningful things anyone can do. While living donation is not for everyone, it can be the closest thing to a miracle that anyone will ever experience. Communicate with others in a similar situation and find a donor match for yourself or a loved one today right here!”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a colorful busy interface with lots of images and information. offer useful and crucial general information about organ donation such as links to medical sites and compatible blood charts. It is very important that users understand the medical aspects of organ donation. gives individuals looking for organ transplants the opportunity to connect with donors. lets those looking for transplants be proactive instead of just waiting they can actively take charge of their medical situation.

Some Questions About should feature success stories on the homepage, there is no better way to get people interested than a heart warming success story about how an organ donor saved someone’s life. could allow users to create groups that could work as support groups to help users through the organ donating process.