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DonorCharge.comDonors Charge is a new web service that will let anybody support charities in a way that is equally practical and unobtrusive. Basically, businesses are allowed to support an unlimited number of Non-Profits and causes with each credit card sale that takes place, and choose to donate either a set number of cents per transaction or a percentage of each sale.


In that sense, Donor Charge is a true system for the payment of electronic donations, and its tagline of “the e-asy way to give” is an accurate one indeed.

The key difference that this service has with competing sites lies in the number of charities that can be supported by the same donor – there is not a limit at all. Other services only allow the user to donate to one charity. Donor Charge aims to have a broader scope and enable the user to support as many causes as he is keen on.

The site will let you sign up either as a donor or as a charity. The advantages that it entails to donors are the ones that were described above along with getting more competitive processing rates on the whole, whereas charities can receive donations from supporters without having to actually go and request them individually. In Their Own Words

“DonorCharge is an electronic donation payments service. Our solution enables businesses to allocate portions of each credit card, debit card or ATM Surcharge payment to participating non-profits and charities of their choice, in a paper-free and environmentally friendly manner. Businesses & supporters may also make a one-time direct donation to participating Non-Profits through our system. Use DonorCharge to contribute to your favorite Non-Profits and Charities the stress-free way! Also if you’re looking for a potential revenue generator inquire about our ATM Machine Placement Services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a smooth way to support worthwhile causes, and as many as you want at that.

Some Questions About

Can you make donations in currencies other than US dollars?

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