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DomoBay.comLooking for a domain name? Try your luck at an auction site for domain names. features domain names in many categories (.es, .us, .tv, etc ). You can browse through the site in Spanish or English and checkout the domain names and auctions, but in order to place a bid or sell an item you must be a user. Once you are a user you can actively participate in the auctions. Domain names are listed in the auction with the start date, starting bid, and title name. The homepage gives you a list of auctions that are ending soon, along with popular, featured, and recent auctions. You can also check out site news, and the site’s status information such as how many registered users there are, how many live auctions are taking place, and how many visitors are online. Keep track of your bidding and what you are selling by going to the bidding and selling page, where all of the bids and items for sale are listed. Make your bid on domain names and see how your do in the auctions at In Their Own Words

“Domobay is a new domain auction system developed by Felix Mezcua and Dietmar Stefitz that expect to cover the lack of similar systems that nowadays exists in the low and medium value domain buying and selling market.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a simple interface that features a lot of information so that users know what is going on in the site. The featured auctions have images and are placed at the top of the page where you can’t miss them. gives you the option of creating a private bid where you can hide the user ids of bidders so the bidders can’t see but the seller can. is featured in Spanish, but also is available in English as well. lets you know immediately when you have been outbid by sending an email notification, so you don’t have to continuously check the bidding section.

Some Questions About

There are many domain auction sites these days, how will deal with competition from other domain auction sites? Is there the option for users to make comments on the domain names that are up for auction or other users? If there isn’t it might be a nice feature so that users can express their opinions on the domain names and the community users.

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