Domo – Everything You’ve Always Wanted From Business Data

Do you need a business management platform that can unify every aspect of your business?  Maybe you’re thinking you’re doing just fine without. Maybe you’ve already found a platform or you’re overwhelmed by the options available online. Has everyone promised to make your life easier and more organized, but failed to deliver?


Domo is a business management platform that offers something different. It doesn’t ask you to move your operations elsewhere, reconfigure how you handle your accounting and communication and marketing and analytics, or anything like that. Instead, Domo is designed to function like your own private operating system, allowing you to do everything you need to, using a single platform.


domo landing


Domo is The Business Cloud, and it brings all of your data together in one place. All of your data. This means you’re not dipping into different silos for your marketing numbers, HR numbers, etc. No, you have all of your data at your fingertips — connected.


Aimed at making your information as useful as possible, as quickly as possible, Domo keeps data up to date in real-time. And because we are visual creatures, it allows people to create any kind of visual representation easily, so that you can  get the figures you need in order to  understand and act on them almost instantly, without waiting and waiting on reports.


Domo is built for modern businesses, which means it’s mobile friendly. Your business and data are available at all times.


It’s also social. Anyone – not just the data analysts or marketing heads – anyone, can find the information that they need, as well as talk with others throughout an organization. So, if you’re feeling stuck– as though the parts of your business aren’t doing as much for each other as they might– Domo allows people across departments to gain insights and converse freely.


Further in the spirit of creative freedom, Domo supports you designing and using business apps that work for your business. No proprietary walls, or a zillion disconnected services and applications: you get to construct the ecosystem that best allows your business to flourish.


Sound a little dry or esoteric? Well, you can enjoy Alec Baldwin introducing you to what Domo is if you visit (No joke.) Basically, though, the important take away is this: Domo handles your data so that you get the answers you need incredibly quickly; it allows your team to see and talk about data as it best serves them; and it provides the tools and environment that will both grow and maintain your business. It’s your business cloud, as you might have dreamed it – without having had to build it yourself!


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