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DomainTyper.comIf you can visualize a killer startup on your head and intend to make it materialize, one thing that should never be an afterthought is the name of the domain itself. If you have a couple of names going circles in your head and wish to check their availability, then a visit to this website is the order of the day.

You simply key in the desired name, and you will instantly be notified whether it can be used or not.

On the other hand, the website includes a dynamic Web 2.0 domain name generator which comes up with random names for you to sift through and see if a memorable one comes about. If that is the case, a link is provided for you to buy it on the spot.

Launching a site is never a hassle-free proposition, if only because too much has to be organized, yet it is also an exciting time and a nice chance to test your skills and put your team to the task. Tools such as this one can alleviate some of the tensions that come at the beginning of the process, and let the team save both time and stamina for later, when they are certainly going to need it. In Their Own Words

“Fast domain search.”

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Picking out the correct name for any venture is the right way to get started. This site enables anybody to do just so.

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