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Domainsponsor.comWho wouldn’t like to maximize their site’s revenues? But who actually know how to do it? If you are finding yourself with trouble with your site’s income, the Domainsponsor could very well be the answer to your problems. The site focuses on three main ways of boosting your revenues: domain parking, domain selling and referral program.

This site is focused on people with a big amount of domains in its property, if you own less than 50 domains you can’t apply for an account on this site, but, if you satisfy the site’s demands, registration is totally free. The site offers the possibility of boosting revenues when users on your site click on an ad, a keyword or performs a search. As another feature, if you are planning on acquiring new domains, Domainsponsor has a guide on how to make your purchase as effectively as possible. The site fully explains how their service works, and is esthetically appealing. In Their Own Words

“DomainSponsor is the industry leader in domain monetization, providing the industry’s only complete optimization package built on simultaneous execution of semantic, behavioral and landing page optimization. Through our domain parking and selling services, and our exclusive publisher programs, including unlimited referrals, DomainSponsor helps publishers achieve the highest revenue potential. Serving domainers since 2002, DomainSponsor is dedicated to the success of our publisher partners. Whether you have 50 or 500,000 domains in your portfolio, you can reap the benefits of working with the largest, most innovative domain monetization service in the industry.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers a very useful service for people who own large amounts of domains. They just need to point their domains to Domainsponsor, and then reap the revenues they get from it. The service offered by the site demands very little effort from the users, who just need to sign up in order to benefit. Everyday more and more people are interested in making money out of the Internet, so the potential market of this site is huge and constantly growing.

Some Questions About

What does Domainsponsor offer that sets it apart from the many competitors in the same branch? Shouldn’t they change something about the appearance of the site to make it a little bit less monotonous? What about people who own less than 50 domains? Aren’t they losing a big part of the market by not letting them in?