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Domains-Planet.comThis is a site that will appeal to all the webmasters out there who have reached the point in which they start expanding their portfolios. That always comes sooner or later, and when that happens visiting a marketplace like Domains Planet is the obvious thing to do in addition to checking with your contacts which sites for sale they know about.


The Domains Planet website is not one that would require a lengthy explanation. No domains marketplace does, actually. But this one in particular is really straightforward. You can create your account by picking a username and a password and furnishing your email address, and then proceed to list or buy just anything that you come across that looks promising.

True to the norm, the latest domains are always listed on the main page for you to have a better idea of what has been made available recently, and there is also a set of categories that will let you narrow results as much as you want. These categories include “Domain Names”, “Blog”, “Established Websites”, “Forum”, “Social Network” and “Startup”. You just choose the one you are interested in and start browsing through the featured postings until one catches your fancy. In Their Own Words

“The #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s really easy to use, and the registration process is dealt with in just one minute or two.

Some Questions About

Must you pay a fee for the domains that you actually sell through the site?

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