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Dokodrop.comAttempting to capitalize on the huge popularity of social networking and the concern that parents have for their children networking in an adult world, the makers of Doko have made a game for under-18’s that tweens will like and parents will feel comfortable with. Doko is an interactive game whereby kids can buy little disks at participating retailers.


Each disk has its own unique code which kids then enter at to get things started. After having entered the disc’s code, they are able to play skill testing games which, depending on how they do, can raise or lower the point total of the given disk. Kids can trade these disks and they gain points each time they do so which can be traded in for prizes and awards. In Their Own Words

“The Doko™ game is an interactive game offered by NSI International, Inc. at to children under the age of 18. The Doko™ game allows players to collect, trade and earn Doko™ points using Doko™ discs. You can trade in your earned Points for a number of different things, including gift cards, merchant credits and/or discounts on merchandise.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tweens spend lots of money but the majority of social networks are unsuitable and unsafe for them. Doko seems to have an ideal solution which will appeal to children because it is more “hands on” and fun that a traditional social network.

Some Questions About

How will they stop adults from participating in this game as well? Will tweens like collecting these disks or would they prefer a social network more inline with what the adults are using?

Author : Caroline Bright

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