DOIQ: Teams That Work Better And Smarter Together Stay Together

Go figure – our habits of scribbling notes here and there and promptly forgetting produce the same disappointing results online.


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all tired of playing the Internet version of the who said what, where game. Scrounging through emails for important pieces of information. Using five different communication platforms to relay updates to the appropriate staff… What a mess.


DOIQ is a team productivity platform that looks to restore order and enable us all to work together better and smarter.




For starters, DOIQ gives team’s complete visibility into all projects. This saves time by allowing people to locate information quickly and by eliminating redundant questions – or the need to ask in the first place – about details that employees can find for themselves.


Rather than force teams into choosing between a communication tool or project management tool, DOIQ simply lets team members get things done. Members can communicate easily and hold all their conversations within one convenient platform. Tasks are kept organized in straightforward channels (#marketing, #finance, #sales, for example).


Anyone can quickly assess progress on any particular task, which helps to keep projects moving forward as fast as possible.




On DOIQ, team members have the freedom to chat person to person, on channels, or in tasks. Imagine combining the better elements of Slack with greater project management tools, and you’ll understand the great potential of DOIQ.


Unlike other platforms, DOIQ keeps discussion where the work is so that everyone can collaborate more easily and work faster. Team members can stay more focused on what they do best individually while they can interact more seamlessly. Wins all around.


Are you ready to take back control of your work? Get organized, chat efficiently, and “encourage a culture of doing” on DOIQ. Visit to sign up for a free trial.


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